Late Gametap Releases

I didn’t have this info yet at the time of recording the latest show, but Gametap did see some releases this week. Are you ready to be John Romero’s bitch all over again?

  • Daikatana (PC) – What was meant to be the most ambitious shooter of all time turned out to be a whole bunch of poorly executed features. Consider this one worth checking out purely for historical purposes.
  • Infernal (PC) – This third person action game wasn’t actually terrible judging by the demo I played a few months back. Heaven and hell are fighting again, and you’re in the middle of it.
  • Blast Miner (PC) – Some sort of indie puzzle title. I got nothing.
  • Morning’s Wrath (PC) – Another Gametap indie title. I guess this is some sort of Diablo clone.
  • Startopia (PC) – It’s like Simcity in space! A lot of people say that this game also seems like it could have been an inspiration for Viva Piñata. That would make it Viva Piñata in space!

Have fun, all you Gametappers. Incidentally, I’m Ajguy on Gametap as well, so feel free to drop me a line.

– Ajguy


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