All Hail Team Fortress 2!

Now that I’ve put a few hours into the game, I shall discuss it a bit. Basically, this game is awesome. The classes are wonderfully balanced. At first, the lack of grenade was troubling, but I now realize that it forces support roles to actually act as support. No more conc jumping medics and grenade spamming.

What’s remarkable is the subtle ways the game encourages teamwork on a smaller scale. The greatest example is the medic’s healing gun. If you heal enough people, you build up your ubercharge meter. When this is full, you can activate ten seconds of invulnerability between yourself and the person you’re healing. The sight of a shielded medic and heavy is a sight to behold.

Every class is insanely fun to play. Even classes that were weak in TFC are not only viable, but downright important. Scouts gain a double jump in lieu of conc jumping, and pyros actually are a threat (especially in small spaces).

I’ll have a lot more to say on this week’s podcast, so be sure to check it out.

– Ajguy


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