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Halo 3 Came out Today, and I Beat It

Posted in Blog Post on September 26, 2007 by A.J.

Well, Tuesday, September 25 has just ended a little while ago. Many of you, like myself, probably spent some portion of the day playing Halo 3. And if you’re like me, 8 hours after you start the game, you may end up finishing the fight as it were. Yes, it was a bit shorter than expected, but it was a pretty good experience. The story wrapped up nicely (though there are still some confusing elements I didn’t quite follow). The gameplay is that same love it or hate it Halo gameplay from the first two, but it has been polished to a high sheen. The graphics are quite gorgeous, the sound excellent, and the presentation is spot on.

And to think I haven’t even dipped into multiplayer, or co-op, or the Forge. There’s still a lot more game in there beyond the single player, which may explain why I am not quite as upset that the single player offering only lasted me 8 hours.

So be sure to look for me online this week. I plan on getting in a good chunk of multiplayer and co-op before this week’s show so I can fully discuss the game. In the mean time, please share your impressions of the game.

– Ajguy