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Show #26 – Lost and Found

Posted in Podcast on February 27, 2008 by A.J.

Rejoice, for Ajguy has a new Xbox (thanks to the much appreciated efforts of Mike, Chris, and Katherine). Excitedly, he tears into Lost Odyssey. Meanwhile, Mike has been engaging in courtroom drama thanks to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The Games Developer Conference consumes much of the news. And for whatever reason, we talk about the best ever worst Sega system. Good times!

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #26


Show #25 – How Do I Love Thee?

Posted in Blog Post on February 19, 2008 by A.J.

NPD numbers delight yet again, and it isn’t the same firing order this month. Why do you love gaming? The Minotti brothers tell all in this intimate look back at how these two miscreants became so enraptured in the past time that eventually lead to their podcast stardom. Mike has fallen in love with Persona 3, and Ajguy cannot get enough Audiosurf. Never heard about it? Come and learn, my friends.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #25

Show #24 – Half Full of Half Life

Posted in Blog Post on February 12, 2008 by A.J.

Now that Mike has finally completed the Orange Box, it’s a Half Life bonanza. Spoilers to follow. Ajguy also really enjoys Poker Smash. If only he had an Xbox to play it on. Go make a sandwich and grab a drink! You’ll need the energy while you listen to this podcast. We wouldn’t want you to get dizzy.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #24

Show #23 – Brawling Brothers (fixed)

Posted in Podcast on February 4, 2008 by A.J.

*Update* The end of the show was cut off. Downloading this version should correct the problems. Sorry for the confusion. You can also redownload the show from iTunes.

Now that Ajguy is over the stomach flu, we come back in full force with one of our best shows yet. Smash Bros. is out in Japan, and Ajguy and Mike go through all the juicy details. Unrelated to the fact that we watched Family Guy’s Blue Harvest, we discuss the best Star Wars game ever. Tales of Advanced Wars, Rez HD, and the enjoyment thereof round out Our Week in Gaming.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #23