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Sorry, No Show This Week

Posted in Blog Post on August 26, 2008 by A.J.

Between school starting, my move back to Pittsburgh, and other assorted craziness, Mike and I decided to give ourselves a special 1 year anniversary gift to celebrate 1 year of the Exploding Barrel Podcast; a week off. As we get settled into our new environments and schedules, we’ll be back with a vengeance. In the meantime, enjoy these final days of summer (for those of you who still have some) and play Castle Crashers tomorrow!

– Ajguy

Show #50 – Achievement Unlocked

Posted in Podcast on August 19, 2008 by Mike Minotti

We did it. 50 epidsodes and 1 year later we’re still here. To celebrate, we discuss one epic week of gaming that includes Bionic Commando Rearmed, Madden, Fable II Pub Games, Strong Bad, and more! And in addition to the Great Canadian Mikezors Gaming Quiz, we introduce a new segment called Answer of DIE. Join inside for all the juicy details along with NPD numbers and tales of alcoholism. Thanks again for a great year!

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #50

Episode 50 Coming Tuesday Afternoon

Posted in Blog Post on August 19, 2008 by Mike Minotti

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know there will be a slight delay in the next episode’s release. We usually aim to have the podcast up by Tuesday morning (meaning we record Monday night by the latest), but various circumstances have prevented that. Instead, we’ll be recording this (Tuesday) morning, and posting the show sometime early in the arternoon.

This will be, of course, our 50th episode spectacular, so we hope you’ll all enjoy it. Again, pardon the short delay.

– Mike

Show #49 – Our Time with Braid

Posted in Podcast on August 11, 2008 by Mike Minotti

It’s the highest rated XBLA game yet, it’s garnered critical and financial success, and it’s basically the only game we played this week. Well, that and more Soul Calibur IV. Join us for a special post-show discussion on Jonathan Blow’s excellent new game, Braid. We also continue to cover Mega Man 9 and Burnout Paradise because they always manage to be in the news. And after Ajguy’s victory over Mike’s short lived success, the Great Canadian Mikezors Gaming Quiz is back again.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #49

Show #48 – Make It Smelly

Posted in Podcast on August 4, 2008 by Mike Minotti

The soul still burns in this week’s Exploding Barrel Podcast. Soul Calibur IV is upon us, and thanks to the allure of the Star Wars franchise, we have both versions between us. It’s Vader vs. Yoda (we wish) as we talk about how good the game is (so good). Not to be missed, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 has been released on XBLA, bringing back the high score craze like it’s 1989. The Great American Ajguy Gaming Quize is back as well.