SoS members! Get in on Episode 100!

In a move that totally justifies my three digit file name format that I started with two years ago, we are approaching our 100th episode of the Exploding Barrel Podcast! It has been an amazing experience to create the show as we strive to create one of the best amature gaming podcasts on the web. But I feel the show really took off once we started having other members of the Squadron of Shame on the show as guests. Your unique voices and perspectives have made the show a unique experience week to week, and for that Mike and I are truly grateful.

As much as I’d love to have all of you participate in our 100th episode, I don’t think my computer could handle that much data. So, I’m asking all SoS members who ever ever participated in EBP to send in an audio snippet. You could talk about some of your favorite moments from the show, favorite things you got to do on the show, or whatever.

So here’s how this works. If you can call a US number for free, just click this link and use the call widget there (wordpress won’t let me post it). This will connect you to a special voicemail inbox I set up to record your comments for easy insertion to the podcast. Those of you who are international, just record however you’d like and email me your file (or throw it in the FTP transfer and let me know). Please have your sumbissions in by September 3rd. I’ll be editing and posting the show the following day.

Thanks again for your contributions. You guys are such a big part of what makes this show a success and why we’re here after 100 episodes.


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