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  1. Alright, I’m throwing my hat in the ring on this JRPG stuff. I love the show, I’ve emailed you before about RPG’s and my craving for a new and better one. At the time I last contacted you about it we were waiting for FF13. Now it’s here.

    Ajguy I feel your pain. I really do. I mean, I thought the perfect fishing game was done in Breath of Fire 3. 7 minutes for one fucking fish!? That particular case I can see as a metaphor for longer reaching problems in the genre.

    However, as to this particular game, I’d have to say… the battle system, love the visuals, I even like the plot, -generally- speaking. BUT. Sometimes I wonder about these characters. I feel like more and more over the years that there’s this J-pop-anime meme taking over. It’s like they’re cookie cutter anime personalities. Everyone has to have pink hair. I like Sahz. I even like fang, probably because she was written as a male character and for some reason changed at the last minute.

    You fellas didn’t really seem to complain about the characters at all. Ajguy seems to only have issues with the game play. I guess it just seems like they used to be better at making me give a shit about the characters. Why must my party be made of anorexic-she-warriors and prepubescent boys? I can’t take snow seriously in that skully and trench coat. He looks like the bastard son of Seifer and Zell. He doesn’t even look cool when he attacks! GEEZ!

    I feel much more drawn in and consumed by western RPG’s. Is their storytelling better? I think so. Maybe it’s just a cultural difference, but if I have to hear one more vague-tear-filled emotional conversation between two pouty and self doubting bitches that could be CUT AND PASTED into a dozen anime series with similar archetypes, I’m going to burn japan to the ground.

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